More On Industrial Park Consulting

Industrial Park Projects

  • Rail-Served Industrial Parks are created by making sure the Railroad is on board, the development team’s expectations are realistic and the demand is there.  IMSW manages all of these key elements of successful development.  We have been successful for over 40 years with all of the Class 1 Railroads in this segment of our core competencies.
  • Air Cargo, thanks to e-commerce is making a resurgence.  IMSW is the leading consulting firm, teaming up with well-known engineers and planners, in bringing real-time solutions, value propositions and new cargo to every airport we have worked with.
  • Intermodal Industrial Parks are IMSW’s best success story to date.  Centerpoint Properties, Hillwood/Alliance, and South Dallas, are all projects held up as the best practices locations for Intermodal Industrial Parks.  IMSW has worked on all three of these, and are continually asked back for our evaluation, value proposition development and marketing skills to assist these sites.   We are the premier company in this space when a community wants to evaluate whether or not to push forward with an Intermodal Industrial Park, and we can tell the owner the reason why.