Industrial Park Consulting

IMS Worldwide, Inc. (IMSW) leads the nation in the marketing, development and tenanting of airports, seaports and private industrial parks as a non-broker marketer.  Our team leads the industry in identifying the competitive and logistics advantages of a property and utilizing these advantages to establish a Value Proposition which is translated into dollars per square foot!  No other firm combines these two industry disciplines: logistics and industrial real estate like the IMSW Team.

IMSW has assisted in a variety of capacities to launch some of the largest industrial developments across the U.S.  This includes rail-served industrial parks, air cargo airports, and intermodal industrial parks.  (To learn more about these projects click here.)  This segment of IMSW’s consulting practice involves providing our clients with a variety of services depending on the type, timing, specifications and location of the project.  Services under this capability include, but are not limited to:

  • Feasibility Analyses
  • Infrastructure and Logistics Assessments
  • Competitive Market Analyses
  • Economic Value Models
  • Best Use Analyses and Value Proposition Development
  • Business Development and Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Investment and Development Options

Value Propositions are tangible, scalable metrics which identify with your potential customer and converts those metrics into dollars per square foot, which makes the site selection process much easier.  Having IMSW involved at the beginning adds value to the entire process, as we can provide guidance and strategic solutions to protect your investment.

The objective in marketing any airpark or commerce park is to identify significant economic differentiation, value that differentiation and market it to the correct audience. IMSW determines those elements which distinguish the location from others and identifies the competitive advantages. A matching process is conducted, comparing the advantages identified with the needs of various industries.  From this best use analysis and value proposition, a defined strategy can be developed targeted at more synergistic leads than only a simple listing will offer.  Call our references in this space to see how we can help!

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