Solutions and Certifications for Supply Chain Security

IMS Worldwide, Inc. focus in supply chain security is to provide an integrated solution that blends the demands of automated trade processing with the reality of current security challenges. The goal is to continue to assure high velocity within the secure supply chains.

  • IMSW will audit the entire supply chain and its security systems for compliance to current requirements and the best industry practices.
  • Provide written recommendations where gaps are identified or threats exist for loss.
  • Recommend new technology for managing a more secure supply chain, facility security improvements and personnel security elements, where emerging or current technology could result in loss or damage prevention.

Our consultants will focus on delivering a complete solution with end-to-end recommendations for reducing or eliminating loss and potential damage. From dock-to-dock and along the entire process from origin(s) to destination(s).  In addition, IMSW Security will assist in creating a culture of security and safety in your supply chain and throughout your partner’s or logistic provider’s systems.  By holding your partners and service providers to the same standards as your internal staff, you create an environment where security is part of management’s review and focus.  Once completed, the requirements for C-TPAT are in place for the execution of your Memo of Understanding (MOU) with Customs, and designation as a Low Risk Importer or Service Provider is in motion.


IMSW will produce a comprehensive report with realistic recommendations; we start with a complete investigation of your current internal practices, test them with our own 130 point security audit and appraise their effectiveness in preventing a loss in-transit.  The audit IMSW conducts will include the following:

  • Review all aspects of provider’s, partners, and vendor’s roles in the supply chain for stakeholder. Plant tours, physical inventory control procedures, physical control reviews, training and audits of current procedures against viewed practices.
  • Shipping and receiving review, visitor, vendor, and plant access control as well as documentation for transfer of goods and relevant documentation. Purchasing practices drive receiving, manifest practices drive shipping. We will review all of these along with a review of advance shipping notices (ASN) and reconciliation practices. This includes a review of redundancies and fail-safe practices, high value material handling and segregation procedures.
  • Overview of appropriate technology for receiving and shipping reconciliation, seal verification and control, driver routing, driver reporting and driver change notice practices. Review of scanning, order picking and allocation procedures in automated loading and put-away environment.
  • Border crossing events review, seal management and reporting practices between partners, driver, import or export handling and security under intensive inspection practices at entry or export. Reporting practices for driver, driver identification, trailer and manifest creation and reporting, seal and seal control procedures at both origins and destinations.
  • Review of threat identification practices and awareness, route selection; escort selection and security enhancements for increased trailer and cargo security.
  • Audit daily, weekly and monthly internal practices, employee screening and termination practices, and corrective action program and management involvement.
  • Review partners and agent’s practices assuring compliance to written guidelines, clear understanding based on procedures and management involvement to demonstrate priority.
  • Review of technology for routing and visibility of cargo in-transit, trailer status in-transit and auto-notify capability by driver or page if trailer or power unit is compromised. Escort or authority notice procedures to assure a timely response and complete follow-through to arrest and prosecution.
  • Review carriers insurance and documentation to leverage coverage and reduce liability.

The IMSW Security consulting group has extensive experience in managing transportation and distribution in South Texas and Northern Mexico. This experience includes air, ground (truck load and less than truck load) in the forwarder and integrated carrier systems. Our experience includes managing aspects of supply chain events for global producers in the automotive, electronics, consumer goods and aerospace sectors. In addition, we have experience in the implementation and execution of quality systems with internal and external audit demands within strict quality programs. This provides a basis for challenging viewed practice against management systems.

IMSW Security has experience in the set-up and operations of Third-Party Logistics and Foreign Trade Zone programs with a focus on managing the distribution of valuable consumer goods from Mexico throughout the United States. Utilizing the best of breed technology for material and inventory handling, we know how to look at receiving, picking, packing, and shipping products in that industrial space. We have also provided guidelines for real-world solutions after a loss of product has occurred in transit. Loss prevention, secure trade and supply chain process improvement is one of our core competencies.
Please contact us to engage an audit or to discuss the scope and scale of your compliance.