More About Trend Reports, Publications & Service Offerings

Reporting on trends is great for speeches, but what is the deeper dive into these trends and how do REITs, Investors, and Capital Markets learn more?  IMSW has several deeper dive retainer options to keep developers and investors on top of their game:

  • IMSW offers an inside look newsletter to subscribers only that outlines where major rail, road, port and inland port development is being planned.
  • IMSW offers a monthly retainer service called “Insider’s Industrial Logistics & Demand,” which is custom-tailored to each customer; taking into account their overall investment goals, product mix and what IMSW is witnessing in the market place.  One of the largest closed-end REITs in the country has IMSW on this retainer and they have made millions of dollars on our advice as it relates to where to invest and more importantly, where not to invest and why.
  • IMSW offers specific investment intelligence on potential “buy” or “sell” opportunities for both investors and development groups as part of their due diligence process..  One of IMSW’s clients who took advantage of this service, after a medium term hold, cashed out with four times its return on investment, based on the property’s value proposition as identified and verified by IMSW.